Tuesday, February 8, 2011

And then there was snow

Well, first there was ice.  3 days of ice and below freezing temps.
Then, there was snow.  1 day of snow and more below freezing temps.
It was 4 very very very long days stuck in the house with three busy, active, loud, outside-loving boys!
We kept busy with lots of movies and tv (way too much, but what's a momma to do???), legos, coloring, play doh, cooking and eating (oh, the eating!!!), naps, laughs, a few fights and tantrums and plenty of snuggles.  Of course, we did make it outside in small doses too!
BigBoy trying to walk on the solid ice in our yard

Could he be any cuter????

Poor BooBear could only be outside for a few minutes.  He stood at the window and watched his big brothers!

After Thursday night's snow on top of the ice.

Several inces - it was up to Curly's knees almost!

There are no words to describe the mess he brought in!

BooBear put on his (my) shoe and was ready to go outside and play with brothers!

The loves of my life!
This is out of order, but this is the solid ice in front of our house on Wednesday.

Some neighbors let the kids sled (in a raft, yes) down the hill in their front yard.  They had a blast!

Curly took a turn solo.  Thankfully he missed the ramp (to the left in the pic) and just went down the curb.

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