Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Project Life-wk 51

One week left to Project Life.  At least to PL 2010.  I did order a new book for next year.

 Sunday, Dec 19 - We went to see Christmas lights.  The night was filled with beautiful lights, hot chocolate, laughter and shrieks (the boys and ours to be quiet!).

Monday, Dec 20 - The boys and I visited Nennie today.  She keeps crayons and coloring books around so the boys will have something to do.

Tuesday, Dec 21 - We went to see Tangled in 3D today.  It was my first time to take the 2 boys to the movies.  Great movie and we had a blast.

Wednesday, Dec 22 - BigBoy discovered my old laptop and pretended to be working.

Thursday, Dec 23 - Just a cute pic of BooBear.  We made cookies for Santa today.  BigBoy and Curly had a great time making two kinds of cookies.

Friday, December 24 - We had lunch with the entire family at our house.  We then went to Christmas Eve service at our church. (Beautiful candlelight service!)  Then, back to Nana and Papa's for dinner, family time and presents!

Saturday, December 25 - Merry Christmas!!  (We missed getting a full family pic, so I will dress the boys back up soon and get one of all of us.)  The boys got up early (6:30!!), opened presents (Rescue Her0es, Leg0s, airplanes, submarines), played, had breakfast (cinnamon rolls),  got ready and then off to Mimi and Grandpa's house.  We spent the rest of the day playing, eating, and enjoying family time.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Project Life-wk 50

Welcome to Project Life!  Week 50 .... I can hardly believe I have made it almost the entire year. 

Sunday, December 12 - BooBear looks so stinkin' cute in his new hat and mittens.  SO glad that it is finally getting cold around here!

Monday, Dec 13 - Those eyes!!!  I can not believe how old BigBoy looks these days!  He keeps reminding me his 6th birthday is in January.

Tuesday, Dec 14 - BooBear had his last day of Little Gym until the new year.  Ms. Katie is his favorite and he couldn't resist a few cuddles!

Wednesday, December 15 - We got out the LittlePeople nativity set.  The boys all had a great time playing with it.

Thursday, Dec 16 - What a day!  Today is our 10th wedding anniversary and it was Curly's class Christmas party.  Can 3-year-olds party or what???

Friday, Dec 17 - In less than 5 minutes, quite a mess can be made.  In case you were wondering.

Saturday, Dec 18 - We had Nana and Papa over for dinner with us and I used my uncle's Christmas dishes.  I am so blessed to have them and love that I have this reminder of him.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ice cream!

This is how I walked in and found BooBear this morning.  Apparently, Daddy finished off the ice cream last night and Max found it in the trash.  I am not sure where the big spatula came from....

BooBear says "Being the 3rd child rocks!  Mommy NEVER knows what I am up to!!!"
Grandpa says "Maybe if you fed him more he would not have to dig in trash can to eat………look how thin that boy is!!  Looks like he hasn’t been fed in weeks!!"

HA!!!  Have you held this kid lately????? Look how tight his pj's are around his tummy! LOL!

About 47 people (including Keely about 87 times) have now told me how much he looks like Curly.  Especially in this pic.  OK, fine, you all win.  He looks more like Curly than BigBoy.