Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Project Life-wk 47

I know, I have not done a PL update in several weeks.  I have been keeping up with my pictures and trying to keep up with my album though.  Here are this week's pictures!
 Sunday, November 21 - We added a slide to the boy's fort.  They played for hours on it and had a blast!

Monday, November 22 - BooBear is a busy busy boy these days.  He wants to do everything that his big brothers do, including playing with their fishing pole and rake.

Tuesday, November 23 - It has been so warm that BooBear spent some time outside in just a onesie.  (Thanks to Daddy for the outfit - Mommy would always put pants on him!) :)

Wednesday, November 24 - Daddy was at home most of today and he and Curly had fun wrestling in the grass and snuggling too!
The day ended sadly.  Missy, our sweet dauchsand of almost 10 years went to doggy heaven.  It was really late, so we didn't tell the boys until late Thursday night.  I have a feeling we are going to be chatting about it for a while as they try to figure it out.

Thursday, November 25 - Happy Birthday Nana!  We enjoyed celebrating Thanksgiving today as well.  BooBear enjoyed every moment of his first real Thanksgiving meal!

Friday, Nov 26 - BigBoy proved to Daddy that he has learned to read, so Daddy rewarded him with his first StarWars Leg0 set!

Saturday, Nov 27 - We have lived in this house for 6 1/2 years and we had our first fire tonight.  It was beautiful and smelled wonderful!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Architectural Legos

Oh my.... who knew these existed? 

I am thinking with BigBoy's love for building houses (in our backyard with scrap lumber and tiles) and his love of legos, this would be awesome!!  

BigBoy has been working really hard to learn to read and he was able to convince E he is reading well enough that E would make good on his promise of a StarWars lego set when he could read.  I was nervous because the box says it is for 8-14 year olds.  But, after working on it almost all day yesterday (it actually took him more than 2 hours!) he is almost finished.  And, so far he has done it almost all by himself.  I helped him on one small part but I even had trouble with that part.

Can't wait for him to see what else Santa has planned for him!

But, I do have one question... when did he grow up from this little boy???


Wednesday, November 24, 2010


So many friends have been posting on their blogs or faceb00k pages all week things that they are thankful for.  I don't even know where to start.  I feel so blessed in so many ways this past year.

We have 3 amazing boys.  They are healthy.  They are happy.  They make me feel old and they keep me young, all at the same time.
I have an amazing husband that encourages me, helps me, cleans :), never complains about cleaning, is an amazing dad, manages our finances wonderfully, keeps God first in his life and our marriage.
We have a great home.  It is not perfect, but it is ours.  There are things I would love to change, but it is comfortable and we love being in it.

I am thankful for amazing friends that are more family than just friends.  They know the real us and choose to love us anyway.
I am thankful for new friends this year.  I am thankful for a few wonderful vacations we had this year.  I am thankful that our babies are another year older.

I am thankful that BigBoy has found his love of drawing, art and leg0s.
I am thankful that Curly keeps us laughing, keeps me on my toes and reminds me daily that he is an individual, he is not his older brother and deserves to be treated as his own person.
I am thankful of our accident named BooBear who rounds out our family of 5.  I am thankful for his sweet smile, his occasional demand for attention and his love love love for his big brothers.

I am thankful for the ways that God is pulling my heart.  I am thankful that he gently leads me, occasionally thumps me on the head and loves me greatly no matter how many ways I mess up or disappoint Him.

I am thankful.
I am blessed.

Monday, November 22, 2010

So busy!

I can't believe that it has been 2 1/2 weeks since I posted. 
Life has been hectic.  Brutal in some ways and great in others.
Three busy, active boys means a lot of real life happens - school, homework, laundry (oh, the laundry!), chores, redirecting, running out energy (theirs, not mine), crafts, learning, reading, helping, time-outs (theirs and occasionally mine).
I often think of things that I want to write on the blog.  But, it so rarely happens.
I try to stay in the moment and take it all in.
Many people tell me that I will miss these days. 
I know that I will but there are some aspects that I know I will not miss.  Dealing with the bad attitudes and dirty diapers, learning to control impulses and back-talking.  All of that I will not miss.

I am sitting on the back porch (by the way, what is up with 80 degrees 3 days before Thanksgiving?  Crazy weather this year!) watching the boys play in the back yard.  Curly just had a few minute time-out on the steps for throwing dirt on BooBear.  Then, he got an extra few minutes for sticking his tongue out at me.  Oh yes, he did.  Never thought I would have to deal with aggression issues in a 3-year old.  BooBear is walking around yelling "buh-bah.... buh-bah.... buh-bah" as loud as he can.  Great moments!

I am behind on my Project Life album.  I am way behind on laundry.  I am behind on my house-cleaning schedule.  I don't feel like I can go in and leave the boys outside by themselves.  BooBear is not old enough yet.  So, I am forced to sit and take in the moments. 
Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining.  I would rather sit here and watch.  I am truly enjoying sitting here with my laptop typing out my thoughts.  It beats sitting here just thinking about all the things I need to be getting done.  Dinner, laundry, vacuuming, bathrooms (ugh, do you know just how disgusting bathrooms get with 4 boys in the house???) , dusting, Christmas shopping, grocery shopping. 
BigBoy came in this morning as I was sorting Leg0s for him.  He told me that he had started building a castle but it caught fire and the people were afraid that the Empire would fall. 
Yeah, he's 5.  Where does he get this stuff?
He also told us this morning that he knows English and then proceeded to sing a song in Spanish. 
Not sure what to make of that.

The boys are all home from school this week.  I love that we don't have to rush around in the mornings.  I love that we get to have a little lazy time as a family.  I love that we get to sit on the porch this afternoon and not worry about what tomorrow's schedule holds.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Project Life - week 43

I am terrible about updating this blog lately!  Life has been in fast-forward!  With three busy boys that seem to ALWAYS be into EVERYTHING, I find little computer time in the day.  And, I am so exhausted that I have either been in bed long before 10 or even asleep on the sofa as early as 7:30!  Poor E! 
I told someone the other day that I have not been to the gym in months but feel like life is such a workout lately that I don't have to go!  Probably a bad attitude to have about the gym...

Anyway, it is that time (or at least yesterday was, give me a break here!)...
 Sunday, Oct 24 - The last day of our weekend away to DC, E and I wandered down this trail.  The weather was prefect and we enjoyed being able to walk, talk, hold hands (each others rather than the boys)!

Monday, Oct 25 - Cracks me up!! BigBoy at the door with his light saber and BooBear watching and begging to go out!

Tuesday, Oct 26 - BigBoy's class went to the pumpkin patch today.  I enjoyed chaperoning and meeti

Wednesday, Oct 27 - BooBear amazes me.  He loves to play with the older 2's toys.  He figured out how to get the pen in and out of the leapster on his own.

Thursday, Oct 28 - After a rocky start to September, BigBoy had great behavior at school all this month - he had all green, smiley faces! YEA!

Friday, Oct 29th - This is the reality of trying to get a "group" shot.  BigBoy got smacked in the nose, BooBear has fallen over crying (because E put him down to check on BigBoy) and Curly, well, he is always in his ownlittle world.  This is real life!
Saturday, Oct 30 - We went to a carnival at Nana and Papa's church.  We were able to get a rare photo with all 6 cousins!