Thursday, May 26, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday Curly!

Oh boy!  Where does time go?
How is it that my sweet Curly is 4 today?
Officially, you do not turn 4 until 10:53pm tonight.  But, your labor and birth went on for quite a while.  I fully believe that I get to celebrate and remember all 28 hours of that crazy experience!!!
I should have known right then and there that not only would you do things your own way your entire life, you would leave a lasting impressing on me and everyone that comes in contact with you.

Curly, you light up my days.  Your energy seems to never end.  Except when it finally (finally!) does and you C.R.A.S.H.  Hard.  You have your own brand of humor and the things you say and do keep your daddy and me laughing and guessing. 

You love with all that is in you.  You freely give hugs and kisses to everyone around you.  You come up to me many times each and every day and tell me "I love you so much mommy."  Is there really anything better in life?  You are loyal to a fault and your brothers (especially BigBoy) are your world.

Pretty much daily, I get a comment about your wonderful curly hair.  I also love your hair.  But, I really want to tell them they if they think your hair is great, they should see your heart.  You love to play with your brothers.  You love to run up and down the street with your daddy.  Our neighbors may think we are crazy, but at least once a week we have you run laps in the street so that you will go to bed at a reasonable hour.  (I have tried to run with you but you already outrun me, especially if I have BooBear in the jogging stroller!  That's just embarrassing!)

Oh Curly, we have had our challenges in the last year.  You have stretched me, grown me, challenged me and pushed me like BigBoy never did.  You reaffirmed in me that I truly know nothing about parenting, am totally out of my league, and have so much growth I need to do within me.  Thank you for growing with me and being patient as I learn how to be the best mommy to you. 

I love you so much!

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