Sunday, March 31, 2013

Many hands ....

I have been reading a great book about youth entitlement and was struck by how much I do for our boys. Mainly it is faster and easier for me to just do things around the house. Often, I don't want to listen to the complaints. But I realized I am doing them, future roommates and future wives a huge disservice.
Here we go ....
Together we tackled the upstairs. BigBoy helped the younger two make the beds. He then picked up toys (Legos) and vacuumed. Curly picked up his room then cleaned both bathrooms. BooBear was on clean floor duty. We all put away laundry.

Here's the kicker.... They did it with happy hearts and practically beamed when I bragged on their great work and good attitudes to daddy. They also earned some screen time. Wins all around!!!

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