Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ice cream!

This is how I walked in and found BooBear this morning.  Apparently, Daddy finished off the ice cream last night and Max found it in the trash.  I am not sure where the big spatula came from....

BooBear says "Being the 3rd child rocks!  Mommy NEVER knows what I am up to!!!"
Grandpa says "Maybe if you fed him more he would not have to dig in trash can to eat………look how thin that boy is!!  Looks like he hasn’t been fed in weeks!!"

HA!!!  Have you held this kid lately????? Look how tight his pj's are around his tummy! LOL!

About 47 people (including Keely about 87 times) have now told me how much he looks like Curly.  Especially in this pic.  OK, fine, you all win.  He looks more like Curly than BigBoy.

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