Thursday, July 21, 2011


We have had WAY too much fun this summer.  I am getting ready for the boys to go back to school, but am trying to enjoy the last few weeks of our lazy days together.

But, I wanted to jump on quickly to post a few funny things the boys have said.

BigBoy:  What's today's date mom?
K: Thursday, July 21st.
BB:  Well, let me look at my calendar.  Yep, it's right here on July 21st.  I am supposed to go to the Leg0 store today and buy new leg0s.  Look, I wrote it on there.

HA!  Hard to argue with that logic.

Ratatouille (the movie) just camp on.  A few minutes in, Curly pipes up "ahhhhhh, the rat one?  I don't like this one."  Funny way to describe it!

BooBear is his same old cute, all-boy self!  He is still a man of few words but he makes known what he wants.  He is cute, cuddly and going through a total mommy-mode.  He is having crazy separation anxiety.  Neither of the other boys had it, so I am having a hard time with him right now.  I think that because he has just always gone with me to everything, he is not used to being left behind. 
Thankfully he has some wonderful sitters and women at church that love him and snuggle with him until he is ready to go play again. 
Sweet boy is also rocking an awesome tan (they all are, thanks for the great olive skin, Nana!) and has turned blonde.  I will get some pics posted soon.  I have taken plenty but just haven't bothered to download.

Excuse me now.... I have some super cute boys to go play with! :)

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