Saturday, July 30, 2011


We just got back from a little summer vacation.
Let me caveat that vacation is a loose term.  It was a fun, summer, family trip.  There was no lounging on the beach or sleeping in until I naturally woke up.  3 little boys still wake early (and even earlier than normal in a strange house) and demand to be fed 3+ times a day.  They need lots of activities to wear them out so that they will fall asleep peacefully at a decent time and give mommy and daddy a bit of quiet and rest.
We also had no internet all week.  I admit that it took me a couple of days to stop trying to upload pics to FB or send a quick status update.  It was nice to just unplug, read (finished 2 books this week!), and enjoy being together as a family.
With all of that said, it was a great trip!!!
We rented a house in Wimber1ey, Texas.  Such a cute little town in the beautiful hill country.
We drove (and some napped).

We took walks.  BigBoy thinks he is strong enough to carry BooBear!

We played in the treehouse behind the house we stayed in.

We had yummy sno-cones!
 "Batman" flavored sno cone.  He said he liked it. 
 Puppy wanted a bite too!

We visited the capitol.  They just had to climb on the cannon.  Boys!

We saw amazing sunsets!

We had a picnic and lots of fun as a family!

We spent a day at SeaWorld.  BooBear especially loved the Sesame Street 4D theater.  :)

Check out Shamu and Baby Shamu below (yes, I got a little weepy seeing them jump together).

 BigBoy and E rode this.....
Why, yes, my heart did stop a bit and I might have giggled nervously while waiting with Curly and BooBear.  So proud that BigBoy conquered his fears and nervousness and went for it!  I see many, many more rollercoaster rides for those two!

We stayed near the Blanc0 river.  The boys found a rope swing and of course had to try it out too!  E, BigBoy and Curly all went in and had a blast!  Curly was so funny - he couldn't figure out when to let go of the rope, so E had to help him out by grabbing his legs and pulling him into the river!

 We got to see lots of animals, but I took this especially for my dear (deer???) brother!  We were so close to them and they just looked at us for a few seconds and then went on about finding their dinner.

We had a great time and made lots and lots of memories!

LOVE these boys!  BigBoy (6 1/2), Curly (4) and BooBear (22 mo)

Good Bye W1mberley.  Hope to see you again very soon!

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  1. Such amazing photos of a beautiful family! Thanks for sharing these moments caught in time. By the way, what kind of camera do you have?