Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Soaking it in!

We have 5 more sleeps until school starts for BigBoy.  I can hardly believe he is about to be a first grader!  And, BooBear is about to turn 2!  I can't even think about it.

So, we are just soaking in the remaining moments of freedom, no schedules, late bedtimes and togetherness.  Oh for the beauty of togetherness!  It has been awesome in so many ways.  And as much as I am ready for school to start, I am NOT looking forward to getting everyone up early in the mornings!  I am not ready for the rush out the door, finding shoes, backpacks and lunches.

A few tidbits I don't want to forget....
BigBoy is the hoarder saver.  We counted up all his quarters and other change last night and little dude has $86.  I have a feeling a trip to the bank (to get it changed to dollars) and then the Leg0 store is in our very near future.  Where did he get all that money is my question.  He just spent about $60 on a lego in March.

In the car the other day......
BigBoy:  Curly, can you please be quiet?  You're giving my ears a headache.

Curly is still curly.  I just asked him to pick up the sticker he peeled off his apple and his response?  "I'm too busy."  That is a pretty good representation of most of his days.  Busy busy busy.  He has no worries and nothing stresses him out (except when BooBear pulls those beautiful sun-highlighted curls).

BooBear is finally starting to have a few words.  His first few were "mine", "no" and "stop".  Awesome, huh?  He also says juice, cheese, shoes, please (he likes the shhhhh and chhhhh sounds).  He finally says daddy but it sounds like "aaaaaaa-eeee".  He has also turned into a gorgeous bleached-blonde this summer.

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