Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Project Life - week 43

I am terrible about updating this blog lately!  Life has been in fast-forward!  With three busy boys that seem to ALWAYS be into EVERYTHING, I find little computer time in the day.  And, I am so exhausted that I have either been in bed long before 10 or even asleep on the sofa as early as 7:30!  Poor E! 
I told someone the other day that I have not been to the gym in months but feel like life is such a workout lately that I don't have to go!  Probably a bad attitude to have about the gym...

Anyway, it is that time (or at least yesterday was, give me a break here!)...
 Sunday, Oct 24 - The last day of our weekend away to DC, E and I wandered down this trail.  The weather was prefect and we enjoyed being able to walk, talk, hold hands (each others rather than the boys)!

Monday, Oct 25 - Cracks me up!! BigBoy at the door with his light saber and BooBear watching and begging to go out!

Tuesday, Oct 26 - BigBoy's class went to the pumpkin patch today.  I enjoyed chaperoning and meeti

Wednesday, Oct 27 - BooBear amazes me.  He loves to play with the older 2's toys.  He figured out how to get the pen in and out of the leapster on his own.

Thursday, Oct 28 - After a rocky start to September, BigBoy had great behavior at school all this month - he had all green, smiley faces! YEA!

Friday, Oct 29th - This is the reality of trying to get a "group" shot.  BigBoy got smacked in the nose, BooBear has fallen over crying (because E put him down to check on BigBoy) and Curly, well, he is always in his ownlittle world.  This is real life!
Saturday, Oct 30 - We went to a carnival at Nana and Papa's church.  We were able to get a rare photo with all 6 cousins! 

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