Saturday, November 27, 2010

Architectural Legos

Oh my.... who knew these existed?

I am thinking with BigBoy's love for building houses (in our backyard with scrap lumber and tiles) and his love of legos, this would be awesome!!  

BigBoy has been working really hard to learn to read and he was able to convince E he is reading well enough that E would make good on his promise of a StarWars lego set when he could read.  I was nervous because the box says it is for 8-14 year olds.  But, after working on it almost all day yesterday (it actually took him more than 2 hours!) he is almost finished.  And, so far he has done it almost all by himself.  I helped him on one small part but I even had trouble with that part.

Can't wait for him to see what else Santa has planned for him!

But, I do have one question... when did he grow up from this little boy???


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