Wednesday, July 14, 2010


It is 8:21AM right now and I am sitting curled up on our old ratty sofa, sipping coffee, while BooBear stands near my feet eating cheerios.  It was a long night in the Kimball casa.  BooBear was up quite a bit for the second night in a row.  I am not sure why and right now I am a bit too tired to figure out why.

It has been a whirlwind of a last week.  Last week, E worked very long days and the boys did not see him from Monday night to Friday morning.  So, we had lots of family time over the weekend. On Friday, we took BigBoy and BooBear to the Leg0 store to get a new set and then out to dinner (at the mall food court.... let me just say that N0rth Park needs to have a bit tighter security in the food court on a Friday night.)  BooBear went to bed quickly and BigBoy stayed up until about 10:45 working on his new car.  It is a set for 7-12 year olds and he did an awesome job putting it together on his own!

(Note...I did take pictures, of course, but am not totally sure where my camera is right now (and I haven't really looked for it).  Must find it today.)

Anyway, Curly had his first solo sleep-over at Nana and Papa's house Friday night.  Apparently, he was an angel and enjoyed the attention he rarely gets of being an only child in a place. :)  We ran errands and did things around the house on Saturday.  After naps, we took the boys to the track at the local high school and BigBoy learned how to ride his big boy bike without training wheels!!!  He did awesome and literally picked it up within just a few minutes.  We still have to work on stopping and breaking, but he really did awesome!  We took curly's little bike and he learned how to pedal and stop.  He also did a great job and only ended up with one skinned knee.

Sunday afternoon E left to go out of town for the week and the boys and I have been on our own a few days.

Monday, BigBoy started VBS in the mornings.  Just before we went to pick him up for lunch Miss Hannah came to spend a few hours with us.  Miss Hannah is a relative on my mom's side, 15, cute as a bug and the sweetest thing ever!!  She is going to spend a few hours with us 1-2 days a week to help me out and give me a chance to spend time one-on-one with the boys and do crazy things like go to the grocery store with just one kid in tow (GASP!!!).  Anyway, Miss Hannah helped up hop in the car, sat with the boys while I ran in to get BigBoy (walked into the building all by myself!!), we went to Ch1ck-fil-a for lunch and were able to go inside to eat.  (The boys always ask me to eat inside rather than do the drive-thru, but they are just not at an age where I can do that by myself.  So, for the rest of the summer, I don't have to! YEA!)  We went home, the boys and Hannah painted, BooBear napped, we all went swimming and generally wore the poor boys out!  Hannah left, we had a quick playdate with 3 brothers that are close to our boy's ages (yes, 6 little boys in my house at once!  SO fun!)

Tuesday, BigBoy had swim at the Y at 8, took him to VBS and Hannah met me there. We took the 2 littles home.  BooBear napped and Curly played in the sand box with Hannah and then played inside a bit.  I did laundry, made beds, straightened the house, read, made a few phone calls.  It was heavenly!  I picked up BigBoy, we made lunch, went swimming again, boys took a short nap, had snacks, and then Mimi came over.  The 2 big boys spent last night at Mimi and Grandpa's house.

Which brings me to this morning and ahhhhhhh...... quiet.  The house is so quiet with just one little in it.  BooBear seems to be at a loss without his buddies around to entertain him!  I know that there are a dozen things I need to do, but I am enjoying a quiet house and a little downtime for mommy.  The rest of the week is going to be busy busy busy.  Up tomorrow - swim team at 8, vbs at 9, the class I help teach at 10,  pick up BigBoy at 12, lunch, naps, something to wear the boys out before bed-maybe more swimming at the Y?

I need a nap!!!

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