Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Project life - week 27 & 28

I didn't do my PL update last week, I am going to put up 2 weeks today!

Sunday, July 4 - BigBoy learned to play frisbee. He did great with it until it flew into the storm drain! (See the orange frisbee on the left side of the pic.)
onday, July 5 - Happy Birthday Mimi!! Your grandsons sure do love you!  (Had to include 2 pics - the one with BooBear in the car and holding onto the mower just cracks me up! Baby Hoarder!)

Tuesday, July 6 - It just makes me laugh that BooBear always sits with his feet crossed!

Wednesday, July 7 - Dinner * 3!

Thursday, July 8 -BigBoy loves all sorts of puzzles and logic games.  He also loves art projects, so this is a great toy for him.

Friday, July 9 - Rain rain, go away!  Come again another day!  Seriously.  We're sick of the rain!!!!

Saturday, July 10 - Eric has had this couch for 13 years.  3 boys have torn it up!  We bought a new couch and I will not be sad to say goodbye to this one!

Sunday, July 11 - We took BigBoy to the track to learn how to ride his bike.  He did awesome and took off after only a few minutes.  He gave Daddy a good workout too!

Monday, July 12 -Curly is all-boy, but he still likes a good cuddle with Mommy!

Tuesday, July 13 - The hair.  Oh, the hair.  It just makes my heart happy to see the curls peeking out from his helmet!

Wednesday, July 14 - Sweet BooBear is a great sleeper and just makes me happy to watch him sleep.

Thursday, July 15 - BigBoy is pretty proud of himself on his bike.  We are pretty proud of him too!

Friday, July 16 - BigBoy has been at VBS all week.  They did a presentation the last day and sang the songs they learned.  BigBoy did not want to get up there and sing, but after the first 2 songs, he got up with his class and sang!

Saturday, July 17 - After 10 months of refusing all bottles, BooBear finally decided it is not the enemy and started taking a bottle this week.  Daddy gave BooBear a bottle for the first time.  BooBear seems pretty proud of himself for taking a bottle.

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