Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Two in one day!

I have been so absent on the blog lately and I have a hundred thoughts in my head that I need to write about.
So, my thoughts, in bullets :)

  • BabyBoo cut his 2 top teeth sometime in the last couple of weeks.
  • Sorry BabyBoo for not noticing them sooner.  And for having no idea when they came in.  I understand you may think ugly thoughts that every moment of BigBoy's life is recorded, journaled and scrapbooked and yours is well, not.  Being a 3rd child, I get it.  Totally get it.  I'm trying.
  • I owe a (HUGE) apology to my mother for all those ugly thoughts (and comments that surely I was adopted - she must have adopted me and not known when things happened otherwise my baby book would surely have more than just my NAME in it!).  Go ahead and leave a comment and say "I told you so".  You did.  I didn't believe you.  
  • I now believe you.  Total and complete belief!
  • Sad that after 4 bullets, my mind is blank.  What is wrong with my brain?  It functions on about 25% capacity most of the time.  I have a degree in electrical engineering and an MBA.  Seriously!  What happened to my brain?????
  • BigBoy starts kindergarten in 5 1/2 weeks.  I can't even type that sentence without tearing up.  
  • Moving, I can't!  Too sad.
  • Will add more later :)

1 comment:

  1. I won't say I told you so, buttttttttt..........

    Love you adopted daughter!!