Monday, July 19, 2010

BooBear - 10 months old

On Friday, BooBear turned 10 months old.
I can hardly believe he will be 1 in just a few weeks.
I remember BigBoy's first year went by so slowly. I remember thinking that if we just made it to his first birthday, he would be such a big boy then. I also remember how excited I was on his first birthday that we made it through the first year and we managed to keep him alive. Seriously - what were they thinking sending me and E home from the hospital with a baby. We were clueless. We had no idea what we were in for. Thankfully, BigBoy was a very easy baby.
Curly. Whew. If you were around for Curly's first year then you KNOW that we were clueless that time too. We left the hospital with jaundice and reflux (although we didn't know at the time it was reflux- it was simply notes in my nursing journal that he was spitting up and maybe he was overeating. Ha!). That led to months of medications, tests, gross expensive formula, ear infections, crazy high fevers, tubes and finally a febrile seizure. I again remember at his first birthday just being thrilled that he was healthy and still alive.
Sweet BooBear. There are no words to describe your first 10 months. (I could say there are no words because I hardly remember them!!!)

You are 21 lbs and have hit a crazy growth spurt in the last couple of weeks.   You did hit a growth spurt, but you are somehow down to 18 lbs.
You have 4 teeth.
You started taking a bottle a week ago!!!!!!!!!!!! (I plan to blog this amazing story later this week). Daddy gave you a feeding for the first time Saturday night (10 months, 1 day old).
You LOVE LOVE LOVE your big brothers.
You are busy and HATE to get put in your bed to sleep.
You love to eat, but only if you are feeding yourself.
You have learned to point.
You have started having more "stranger danger".
You put your head on the ground and cry when you don't get your way.
You have started standing on your own -just for a few seconds at a time, but walking is getting closer and closer.
You like to stand at the train table and pull the train tracks apart or just watch your brothers play there.
You wave bye-bye and love peek-a-boo.
You enjoy your k1ndermusik class on Saturday mornings with mommy.
You have us wrapped around your finger and hold our hearts!

Ps... BigBoy told E and I at breakfast this morning that when BooBear is 5, he wants to have a baby sister - that way mommy will have a girl to play with.  We were both speechless.

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