Thursday, September 16, 2010

Happy Birthday BooBear!


Today you turn 1!!!  It has been one whole year since you joined our family.  And yet, I really do find it hard to remember what life was like before you.

You are almost always happy.  Your big, beautiful brown eyes with the crazy long eyelasher charm everyone you meet.  Your smile lights up a room.  And my heart!

Your whole being changes when you hear or see either one of your brothers.  You adore them and idolize them already.  I cannot even begin to imagine the trouble you 3 will get in one day!!!

Now that you are 1, you love food.  I can feed you just about anything - pancakes, avocado, pickles, PBJs, tomatoes - and you love it all!!  And, you do it all with just 5 teeth.  Oh, and that 5th tooth - BigBoy had to tell us that it was there the other day.  Daddy and I totally missed it and had no idea until he told us.  Oops!

You have been confidently walking for several weeks now.  Like Curly was on his first birthday, you have very little hair and we all wonder if it will be stick straight like BigBoy's or curly like, well, Curly's!  It does have a serious redness to it though!!
You just moved up to size 12 month clothes but you seem so big to me.  I am anxious to find out (tomorrow) what you weigh now and how it compares to your brothers. (Not that I compare, of course.  They tell you never to do that.  Ahem.)

Like your brothers, you love trucks, cars and tractors.  You also have much more interest in balls and throwing them than the other two did at this age.

You love being outside but don't really like walking in the grass without shoes on!
You are the calm one (so far) in the family and seem to balance your brothers nicely.  I cherish the last 365 days we had together and look forward to all the amazing memories we will make in the next year!
Love, Mommy

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