Thursday, September 23, 2010

Project Life - week 37

I know that this is supposed to go up on Tuesday.  It has again been a crazy week.
Don't ask what week I am on in my actual album.  It's not pretty!
Anyway, on with our week!!!
Sunday, Sept 12-Curly insisted on being covered up with ALL the blankets he could find. He should be plenty warm :)
Monday, Sept 13 - Curly is always up to something.  Today, he wanted to lay down in 
BooBear's crib.  OK then.
Tuesday, Sept 14 - I have been working on a few crafty items this week.  
Party favors, a board for BooBear's room, sewing a pillowcase for BigBoy.
Wednesday, Sept 15- Such a happy boy!  Love the smile and how even his eyes shine!
Thursday, Sept 16 -Happy Birthday BooBear!  You are 1 today.  
You light up my days and always make me smile.  I love you sweet peanut!!!
Friday, Sept 17 - BooBear had his 1 year appt today.  23lb 2 oz (60%), 31" (85%), 
head 47 (70%).  Very similar sizes to his 2 older brothers at this age.
Saturday, Sept 18 -  BooBear's first birthday party.  
Singing to him and having him look up and me and E was my very favorite part of the day!

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