Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Project Life - week 38

Sunday, Sept 19 - BooBear loves to ride in his car.
He will go up to it in the garage and try to climb in all by himself.

Monday, Sept 20 - The boys made mudpies in the driveway.  Too bad they didn't get out of school clothes first.....

Tuesday, Sept 21 - I love my new shirt - "BoyMom".  I wear it proudly!

Wednesday, Sept 22 - A neighbor had some trees installed today.  The boys were so excited to go watch the tractor that was doing the install. 

Thursday, Sept 23 - BigBoy had to make a person using 4 shapes and recycled materials.  He did a lot of the work on "Tanker" himself and I am very proud of him!

Friday, Sept 24 - My High school homecoming was Friday night and the whole family went to the game.  Kids are allowed to run on the field behind the players.  My nephew, niece, BigBoy, Curly, E and Papa are all running down the field in this picture.

Saturday, Sept 25 - One of our Saturday morning traditions is for Daddy and the boys to go get Kr1spy Kreme d0nuts :)  Chocolate glazed and chocolate glazed with sprinkles! YUM!!!

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