Thursday, October 28, 2010

Project Life - week 42

Sunday, Oct 17 - Last night, BigBoy and Daddy did a campout on the fort.  This is what BigBoy looked like this morning.  Yes, his face and hands were COVERED with mosquito bites.  Poor guy!!

Monday, Oct 18 - BooBear loves Litt1e Gym with Mr. Joel!  So proud of our little guy for hanging out like this!

Tuesday, Oct 19 - BooBear and I visited Nennie this morning, a day before her 89th birthday.   Boo went right to her, turned around and waited for me to take his picture with her.  Smart boy!

Wednesday, Oct 20 - Nennie's 89th birthday.  Almost her entire family gathered on Saturday to celebrate, but I wanted to include the pic here on her birthday.

Thursday, 10/21 - BooBear has fun playing in the play area at Ch1ck-fil-a.

 Friday, Oct 22 - E is in DC for a few weeks, so I sent the boys to the grandparents and flew up there for an adults-only weekend!  So wonderful to have a few days off... finally!

Saturday, Oct 23 - We had so much fun visiting a few museums, having quiet meals and getting to sit the entire time, sleep in, sleep all night!!!  

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