Sunday, August 1, 2010

Summer craziness

I never understood when other blogs I read regularly would either take a break for summer or go for weeks at a time without an update.  I mean really, how hard is it to type a few words about the day or your kids?

Yeah, I am figuring it out.  Three kids keep me running in more than 3 directions at a time.  How does that happen?

For example, last week, BigBoy had swim team practice (for the last time until after school starts, thank goodness!!!) on Tuesday and Thursday from 8-8:45.  Then, he had leg0 camp from 9-12 Monday through Friday.  So, we had to hustle to get him changed, check the other 2 out of childcare, rush everyone in the car, 30 minute drive up the tollway to get to camp, all 3 out of the car, walk 10 feet inside the building to his class (can't leave them in the car, of course), 2 back out to the car, 30 minute drive home (usually with BooBear screaming the whole way because he is tired), home for babe's nap, 2 back in the car for 30 minute drive, 2 out of the car, into the building 5 feet to his 2nd classroom to pick him up, see the day's project, pics/video (when I actually remember the camera), 3 kids through the parking lot, back in the car, 30 minutes home (again with BooBear screaming because he is hungry), lunch, naps for the 2 littles, snacks, swimsuit for Curly, 3 into the car, to the gym (again), 2 to childcare, Curly to swim (if it has not been canceled after we get there due to thunder/lightening), get BigBoy and let him swim for a little while, into dry clothes, pick up BooBear from childcare, 3 kids through parking lot and into carseats, home, dinner, showers, B-E-D.......

I know it sounds ridiculous to complain about spending time at the pool but come on... the effort it takes to get all the boys there, in suits, with sunscreen (assuming I remember to bring it!) and goggles, swim a while, get them changed back to dry clothes and get home.... well, it makes me really tired just thinking about it.

But, I don't think I would have it any other way.  It wears us all 4 out and ensures easier bedtimes for the boys and me!  Ha!!

BigBoy starts Kinder in 3 weeks.  I will miss him (and so will Curly) when he is gone all day.  But, I am really looking forward to quieter, calmer days soon!!!!

Oh, and fall.  When I heard someone on the news this afternoon say that the temp had dropped to 103 degrees.... there is something SO wrong about that statement!

Here's to another busy week!!!

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