Monday, August 23, 2010

BigBoy - First Day of School

Our morning - in pictures!
I got up early, had a shower and got ready for the day!  (That will totally NOT happen again, I am sure!)
BooBear woke up, so I fed him and put him back to bed.
Woke up BigBoy and he had breakfast.

Then, he got dressed and wore a belt for the first time!  He was not sure about the belt, but was ok when he saw Daddy had one on too!  Pics with Mom and Dad :)  Here, he was telling me he was holding his heart because he loves me so much. Yeah, apparently he thinks it is funny to make Mommy cry!

We had a few minutes, so we went into the back yard to get a few pics.  Curly and "Fred" (the monster on his shirt) wanted in a few pics too.

I drove him to school and parked down the street so I could walk him in.

Outside his classroom - Ms. William's class

His table - 6 boys.  Either the teacher is AWESOME or crazy!  Time will tell!

Finally, it was time for the parents to say goodbye (read: the teacher kicked us and our cameras out!).  Mason gave me a quick hug and kiss and went back to playing with his play-doh.  I am so glad that he was ready and excited for his first day of Kinder. 

I held it together and went to the front steps for "Boo-Hoos and YaHoos" (aka coffee and donuts for the parents).  Once I got to my car, I let myself shed a few tears before heading home and to the two little boys.

I think we all feel a little lost without BigBoy around to guide us.  Curly told me a few minutes ago that he misses BigBoy.  Me too, Curly.  Me too!!!

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