Friday, August 20, 2010

Worst Blogger Ever

OK, so I suck at blogging lately.
You should see my pile of laundry, dirty toilets and the inside of my car.
Yeah, not posting pics of those.  Way too embarrasing.  Yes, more embarrasing than the inside of my fridge.

School starts Monday for BigBoy.  Hoping that frees up at least a few minutes to write, think, shower?  Yeah, that might be asking a bit much.  Thursday though... oh swqeet Thursday.  Curly starts preschool.  Hallelujah!!!  No tears on that one.  (Sorry Curly.  Love you but you are a bit much to handle 24-7 lately!)  So, Tuesdays and Thursdays are mommy and BooBear days.  I can hardly wait!!!

OK, just realized BooBear is digging though the left-overs of Chick-fil-a trash from lunch and is chewing on something.  Sweet - it is a 3 hour old waffle fry.  (This is why I am SOOOOOO behind on blogging, laundry, cleaning.... everything!!!)   Must run now!!!

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