Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Project Life - Week 34

It's that time.... today is my weekly update for Project Life.

Sunday, August 22 - Love the smile.  Love the 4 teeth.  Love the big eyes.  Love the long eyelashes.  LOVE the baby!

Monday, August 23 - BigBoy's first day of Kindergarten.  I haves so many thoughts and feelings about it.  He was just 100% excited!

Tuesday, August 24 - Curly and BooBear enteratin each other while BigBoy is at school. I love the look that BooBear is giving Curly. I have the same pic of BigBoy and Curly from about 2 years ago. Seems like yesterday!

Wednesday, August 25 - Curly had meet-the-teacher at his preschool.  He was so proud of the tower he made with the blocks.  I think he is going to have a great year!

Pic 2 of Curly and his teacher Mrs. R.  BigBoy had her 2 years ago and I think she is going to be great for Curly.

Thursday, August 26 - Curly's first day of preschool!  My literal child -- I told him to stand by the door so I could take his picture before going in his class.  He stood facing the door.  I finally got him to look over his shoulder at me! :)

Friday, August 27 - BooBear has had a rough week.  Nap and lunch schedules are all off as we have to go pick up big brothers.  He rarely naps in the car, but this week wore him out.  (And, it makes me laugh his feet are crossed!)

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