Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Project life - weeks 29 and 30

I know I am behind on posting my Project Life photos.  I am taking them and keeping my files up to date though.  That is most important to me.
Here goes, 2 weeks (again) to catch-up!

Sunday, July 18 - Sweet BooBear is growing up so fast!  He loves Cheeri0s and he loves to feed himself!

Monday, July 19 - Curly needs his morning cup of joe juice to get the day going.

Tuesday, July 20 - BigBoy and Curly still love their jeep!  They are so funny riding down the street together.

Wednesday, July 21 - For the first time ever, I bought not 2 but 3 kids meals. BigBoy eats his plus half of BooBear's nuggets, so everyone is happy!

Thursday, July 22 - Sunday, July 25 - My friend Keely and I decided to take our 5!! children to her parent's house while they are away.  (The hubbies came down the next day.)  They are near the Gulf (no oil) and the kids had an awesome time playing at their house and in the ocean!

Sunday, July 25 - BooBear has discovered a love of the shower :)  Not including photo of baby in shower.... he'll thank me later :)

Monday, July 26 - Curly started swim lessons with Ms. Arie1.  No, the irony is not lost on me :)

Tuesday, July 27 - BigBoy also started Leg0 camp this week.  He loves it!  He is in 2 classes and in the second one, they connect the things they build to the computer and program them to move.  He's 5!  Amazing!

This is the car he built.  And added guns to the side (yes, the really long black things on each side are guns.) .  Apparently, you can keep the guns out of the house but you can't keep the hunter mentality out of the boy. Sigh.

Wednesday, July 28-  BooBear has had a rough week driving the 2 big boys to their camp and swim! (But aren't his shoes SO cute???)

Thursday, July 29 -  BigBoy and Curly may fight, but they sure do love each other!

Friday, July 30 - 5 minutes.  That is all it took to make this mess.  5 minutes.

Saturday, July 31 - BooBear and Cousin M.  So happy together! :)

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