Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Project Life - week 39

Sunday, Sept 26 - BooBear already wants to color.  He did a great job on his first try!

Monday, Sept 27 - BooBear has started throwing a mean temper tantrum.  Usually it involves hitting his head on the floor (on purpose).  Not sure how to stop that!

Tuesday, Sept 28 - So sleepy.  I SURE do LOVE this sweet boy!  He is down to 1 nap most days.  Some days he still gets 2, but we are rarely home for 2 naps.

Wednesday, Sept 29 - We had family game night.  We played Hungry, Hungry Hippos for the first time.  The big boys loved it and BooBear even played (with his foot and some help from Daddy).

Thursday, Sept 30 - The big boys were doing a little early Christmas shopping at leg0.com.

Friday, October 1 - Mommy's little helper!  Cleanliness runs in the family :)

Saturday, October 2- BooBear is turning into such a big boy so quickly.  He wants to ride the trike already!

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