Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Another first

Chocolate milk is a treat in our house.  The boys usually get it when we go out but I rarely make it at home anymore.  (It used to be all that BigBoy would drink.)

Tonight, E had a dinner after work, so the boys and I went to our favorite, Ch1ck-fil-a.  The big boys convinced me that BooBear needed his first sip of chocolate milk.

 BooBear agreed that it was about time!  Just a hunch, but I think he liked it! :)

The boys all 3 had ice cream also.  I was just happy to have a few minutes of quiet.

By the way, can we all just take in the craziness that is Curly's hair?  It is looking a bit out of control in this pic.  It really is that out of control in real life too.  Good thing he has a strong personality to support that hair! :)

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