Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Book review - The Map

If you have known me for more than, oh 5 minutes, you know that I love to read.  I constantly have my nose in a book.  I always have 3, 4 or 5 books that I am reading.
Recently, I heard about this site called booksneeze.com.  You sign-up, request a book, read it, review it.  Repeat.  So, free books to feed my addiction soul.

The first book I chose to read is The Map by David Murrow.
The online review sounded great.  It promised a map hidden in the book of Matthew.  I was quickly drawn into the story as it read like The DaVinci Code or like watching a Jason Bourne movie.  Should be good stuff.
The book is split into two parts.  The first part is the story of how Mr. Murrow learns of The Map hidden in Matthew.  The second part is the description of said map.  What you learn at the start of the second part is that the first part is all a fictional tale.  The reader is led to believe that the first part is true, but really we are duped.  My initial reaction to Mr. Murrow's confession that he made up the search for the map was indignation and I actually put the book away for a while.  I was quite annoyed that we, the readers, were basically scammed.  I did eventually finish the book but it was with skepticism and annoyance.

I did not fully understand The Map and could not explain it to anyone today.  The author says that it is more meant for men, so maybe if I was a man I would understand.  The explanation was not clear, the illustrations left me confused and they did not really work together.
The other thing that bugged me about this book is that several times the author referred to his other books.  I have not read his other books and was annoyed by the references.  It left me feeling like if I went and read his other books I might understand the map, even though they had nothing to do with this book.
Confused yet?  That is exactly how I felt while reading The Map.

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