Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Project Life - week 40

Sunday, Oct 3- After pricing play sets for the backyard, Daddy was extremely motivated to make one of our own.  He made great progress in a few hours!

Monday, Oct 4 - Daddy brought home some tree stumps from a neighbor's house to use as seating around our new firepit.  No, we don't have a firepit.  Yet.

Monday, pic2 - Daddy taught BooBear how to get down off the deck without just falling off.

Tuesday, Oct 5 - Daddy had a work dinner, so the boys and I went to Ch1ck-fil-a for dinner.  BooBear had his first chocolate milk. 
Wednesday, Oct 6 - I was working on my Project Life album.  I walked away for a few minutes and this is what I came back to find.  Lesson:   Never walk away from a mobile 1-year-old!

Thursday, Oct 7 - Hello?  How are you?  Bye Bye!
BooBear loves playing with my phone!
Friday, Oct 8 - At BigBoy's school carnival, he impressed us by almost making it to the top of the climbing wall.  3 times! (He is on the left, all the way at the top!)
Saturday, Oct 9 - We made a spontaneous trip to the Arboretum to see the pumpkins.  Sweet family of 5!

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  1. LOVE your photos.. and the warning about leaving papers unattended with a mobile 1 year old around!! :)